Kitagawa Europe launch Swift Klamp 5-axis workholding system

‘Swift Klamp’ is the latest addition to the Kitagawa Europe family. Using time-proven HSK tool interface technology, Swift Klamp provides a secure, low-interference, quick-change 5-axis workholding system.
The system consists of three parts: the clamping head, the work-holder and the work-piece. The clamping head is supplied either as a manually or automatically actuated HSK clamp.
The Manual Clamping Head is supplied with a versatile mounting flange to suit multiple mounting options for 5-axis machines and rotary tables.
Available in HSK-A40, HSK-A63 and HSK-A100 sizes, with an offline set-up procedure, it is capable for the work-holder system to be exchanged within an impressive ten seconds, minimising machine downtime.
To allow operators to fully automate their manufacturing process, a low-pressure hydraulically-operated Automatic Clamping Head is also available in HSK-A40, HSK-A63 and HSK-A100 sizes, with seating detection and air-blow.
“In keeping with the move to more automation in workplaces, the work-holder profile that is used with the clamping head has a common interface to enable them to be handled by any general-purpose robot arm,” said Dimac Managing Director Paul Fowler.

The work-holder is made up of the HSK interface at the bottom and multiple work-holding options are available; Standardised Dovetail; Flange Clamp and Side Clamp all of which provide a rigid and secure platform for 5-axis machining processes.
Dovetail systems allow superior tool access due to their small clamping surface. The time-proven HSK interface between the work-holder & the clamping head provides optimal bending rigidity.
“Kitagawa is a brand we have distributed for many years and a well respected manufacturer of high quality vises. As such, we can also supply the most suitable vise to grip the raw work-pieces to complete the dovetail interface,” Mr Fowler said.
The final part is the work-piece, which in the case of the dovetail work-holder will require an initial dovetail slot to be machined into the raw billet to interface with the work holder. However the Swift Klamp system can accommodate various work piece shapes of up to 200mm square or diameter.
The majority of work-pieces being used for 5-axis machining require a preparation phase. However, the advantage of this is that the preparation phase can either be integrated into the total machining process or it can take place outside the 5-axis machine. This option enables companies to keep their high-cost machine operating, ensuring the maximum return on their investment.
Additionally, to assist with prototyping or enable companies to start testing their own new Swift Klamp system straight out of the box, pre-machined dovetailed blanks can be supplied.
Swift Klamp offers strong dual-face clamping, superior bending rigidity, high positioning accuracy and multiple workholder options.

“The Swift Klamp quick change 5-axis work holding system is highly effective, extremely versatile and designed to minimise machine downtime. Plus, like all Kitagawa products it is manufactured to the same high quality standards,” Mr Fowler went on to say.
In addition to Swift Klamp, Dimac is also the sole distributor of other leading CNC accessory and workholding brands including Kitagawa chucks, the Freddy range of coolant recycling machines, Reven Mist air extractors and Hydrafeed Barfeeders.

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