Raptor solves Dovetail workholding

Dimac Tooling has been appointed exclusive distributor for Raptor workholding products in Australia and New Zealand. Raptor Workholding based in the US state of Ohio, is well known as being the designer of the innovative and patented dovetail fixture used by some of the world’s leading manufacturers.

The dovetail fixture speeds up the manufacturing process by allowing machining of five full sides of the workpiece in one set-up. The design quickly locks the part in place for extreme clamping strength and rigidity with minimal base material. The spring-loaded clamp can be tightened with a simple T-handle wrench. Raptor’s dovetail design has been tested by an independent laboratory for strength.

“With Raptor’s dovetail fixture a manufacturer can run a wide variety of parts and eliminate the changeover time. Smaller fixtures can also be attached to larger ones, allowing the user to switch to any size part as fast as you can turn a hand tool,” said Dimac Managing Director, Paul Fowler. In addition to the dovetail fixture, Raptor offer an extensive range of strong, flexible workholding products. These include vises, multi-fixtures, dovetail cutters, adapters, risers and pinch blocks. These can either work independently or together seamlessly.

An example of Raptor products working in unison is starting off with a Raptor self centering vise. The vise can be used in two ways; either for holding a workpiece for
dovetail preparation or machining a complete part. The dovetail fixture can then be utilised with its spring-loaded clamping system providing superior holding strength.
The process can be finished off with a dovetailed pinch block. These versatile pinch blocks can be used in a variety of applications including machining the sixth side of a workpiece or for secondary or final machining operations.

“One of the key benefits with Raptor workholding products is that they are extremely adaptable. They can fit any machine and any situation with a variety of adapters, risers, and fixtures built to attach directly to the most popular CNC machines. Multiple Raptors can be mounted to tombstones, bridges, carousels, trunnions, nests and base plates,” Mr Fowler went on to say.
“Utilising Raptor products provides numerous benefits including saving time and money by becoming more efficient and decreasing production time while increasing the yield of finished goods,” Mr Fowler added.

In addition to Raptor, Dimac is also the sole distributor of other leading CNC accessory and workholding brands including Kitagawa chucks, the Freddy range of coolant recycling machines, Reven Mist air extractors and Hydrafeed Barfeeders.

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