The privacy of any personal information you provide us (your personal information) is important to us. The following privacy policy governs the collection and use of your personal information by Dimac Tooling Pty Ltd (ABN 60 006 224 415) its related entities, subsidiaries, employees and the broker that will assist you (“we”, “us” or “the Group”). This policy sets out how we intend to respect your rights to privacy in accordance with the National Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). The National Privacy Principles came into effect from the 21st December 2001.

How personal information is collected
Dimac Tooling Pty Ltd may collect personal information from you from our website in our online forms.

What personal information we collect
The type of information collected includes your name, address, telephone number, email address and company. We will endeavour to specify which information we require for our purposes and which information may be provided at your option. You may choose not to supply any optional information requested by us but this may limit our ability to assist you.

How we use your personal information
Personal information collected by us assists us in:
1. Conducting our business;
2. Completing a transaction to which the provision of that personal information relates, eg, in the fulfillment of an order;
3. To communicate information about our products and services to you;
4. For our internal administrative, marketing, planning, product development and research requirements. You may opt out of receiving any communications from us (other than as required for the operation of our business).

We maintain several email lists to keep customers informed about areas of specific interest. We do not sell, rent, loan, trade, or lease the addresses on our list to anyone. Broadcast emails used to communicate with customers on our email lists will contain an opt out or unsubscribe facility in accordance with anti-spam regulations. Alternatively, to opt out please contact us on +61 3 9561 6155 or email [email protected].

Please remember that information you submit via email is insecure. It should be regarded as insecure unless it has been encoded or encrypted. Email is often compared to a postcard in that anyone who receives it can read it. Email will be deemed public information and is not confidential. There is a risk in such communication methods that information can be collected / intercepted and used by others. Please be careful and responsible when you are online.

Disclosing your personal information to others
We do not sell our client lists to third parties. We will not disclose personal information about you to any person outside Dimac Tooling Pty Ltd except on a confidential basis to our approved suppliers to assist in a related transaction and/or assist us in conducting out business in a proper manner. These parties are in turn prohibited from using your personal information for any other purpose and Dimac Tooling Pty Ltd will only disclose to these parties information necessary for them to perform their duties. Unless required to by regulation or law no other information is disclosed to these parties.

Your rights to access personal information we hold
At any time, you may request a list and copies of personal information we hold about you and we may charge you a small fee to cover administrative costs which we may incur in providing this information to you.
If for any reason you believe Dimac Tooling Pty Ltd is holding inaccurate or incomplete information about you, you may request a correction and Dimac Tooling Pty Ltd will consider if the information requires amendment. If we do not agree there are grounds for amendment, we will add a note to your file stating your comments. As relevant information may become out of date quickly we will update this information if required. When your personal information is no longer required, Dimac Tooling Pty Ltd will take reasonable steps to destroy or de-identify your details.

How we store your personal informationAt Dimac Tooling Pty Ltd we take all reasonable steps to protect your personal information from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or exposure and require our staff to maintain the confidentiality of customer information. Access to information stored electronically is restricted to employees whose job requires access to the information. Access to our computer system is restricted through password protection. Access to our online files is restricted through password protection.

Feedback and contacting us
You can make any requests relating to your personal information held by us or any complaints regarding treatment of your privacy by contacting:

Dimac Tooling Pty Ltd
61-65 Geddes Street
Mulgrave Victoria 3170
Telephone +61 3 9561 6155
Email [email protected]

Privacy policy changes
Dimac Tooling Pty Ltd may be required to make changes to its privacy policy from time to time to comply with new laws or codes of practice which may be introduced. In addition, Dimac Tooling Pty Ltd may also change this policy to include additional products and services.

This policy was last updated in December 2010.