32 inch Chucks

Our Soft Jaw range is generally grouped by the industry standard chuck diameter, usually mentioned in “Inches”
Understanding the description eg A1630 (this example suit the Kitagawa 10″ chuck range and others)

First letter identifies the serration type as follows;
A = Metric 1.5mm x 60 degree
B = Metric 3.0mm x 60 degree
C = Inch 1/16″ x 90 degree
D = 3/32″ x 90 degree

Next two digits represent the Slot Width
16 = 16mm Slot Width

Next two digits represent the Centre Hole Distance (CHD) of the mounting holes
30 = 30mm CHD

In the description you will also see;
L = Length of the Soft Jaw
W = Width of the Soft Jaw
H = Height of the Soft Jaws (approximately from the chuck face when mounted)

You may find the jaw you want quicker by using our handy soft jaw search function in the above menu
As the manufacturer of Soft Jaws we can design and make to suit your specific needs whether it is a one off or twenty off.

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