New Rotoclear Vision provides CNC operators with remote view into production process.

Rotoclear has been a leader in spin windows for many years; continually evolving and refining its models to provide maximum cleaning effectiveness coupled with simple installation.

The latest model, the S3, features the world’s lowest installation height of just 34 mm allowing simpler installation compared to the previous Rotoclear models.

With this latest model the device is always mounted on the inside of the inspection window with safety being maintained. There are different options for installation of different machining centre windows with bolt-on or adhesive-mounted versions available.

As with previous models, the device works by a rotating disc flinging off striking coolants and cuttings, whether water-soluble or water-insoluble. The spinning window keeps the inspection window clean and thus ensures continuous control of workflow.

The maximum field of view is achieved via a revolutionary and patented drive concept whilst high torque guarantees a clear view of the production process even under the toughest milling conditions.

The new S3 model dramatically reduces service and cleaning times; the rotating glass disc as a wear part can be changed in less than a minute without dismantling the entire device. Maximum operational reliability is assured by use of air bleed and low power consumption by use of linear drive technology.

Rotoclear S3 is suitable for all kinds of metal cutting machines such as turning centres, milling machines, in addition to machining centres and test stands. Overload protection, emergency shut-off and soft restart are executed automatically and ensure constant operation.
Now Rotoclear has once again raised the bar with its latest accessory for the S3 unit.

Rotoclear Vision features a Wi-Fi camera for wireless monitoring of a machine tools working space. Integrated into Rotoclear, the camera always has a clear view into the machine – just like the operator. The camera’s head is adjustable, so one can focus on the important details of the process.

The camera can connect to any Wi-Fi enabled device. The operator can either log in directly to the camera’s access point or can easily integrate the camera into the corporate network. The camera is available as a complete package and is attached to the integrated connector of Rotoclear and simultaneously powered by it.

“Rotoclear has always led the way in spin window technology and Rotoclear Vision is proof of the company’s innovation and forward thinking. The ability to connect the unit to any Wi-Fi enabled device will assist CNC machine tool operators to maximise productivity and reduce the workload in their workplace,” said Dimac Managing Director Paul Fowler.

In addition to Rotoclear, Dimac is also the sole distributor of other leading CNC accessory and workholding brands including Kitagawa chucks, the Freddy range of coolant recycling machines, Reven Mist air extractors and Hydrafeed Barfeeders.

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