WTO Power Skiving unit for machining of ID/OD gears and splines.

Skiving is one of the oldest and most efficient methods for producing certain types of parts; specifically parts requiring close diameter tolerances or finishes such as ID/OD gears and splines.

Much closer tolerances can be maintained because part diameters are controlled by raising or lowering the skive tool (as in a shaving operation). For the same reason, tool wear does not affect diameter dimensions directly.

Skive tools are mounted so that the formed cutting edge of the tool is advanced into the workpiece below centre, cutting tangentially. Cutting action is determined by the combination of shear angle and lead angle. Part diameters are controlled by raising the tool towards the centre, and the form is machined along the full length. The cutting edge is obtained by grinding the shear angle on the end of the tool and the lead angle across the width of the form.

“Since skiving is a freer cutting operation, feed rates can be increased approximately two to three times for ferrous and difficult-to-machine materials,” said Dimac Managing Director, Paul Fowler.

“Another advantage of skiving is that since skive tools cut tangentially instead of radially, step differentials remain unchanged and angles do not have to be changed.

Since diametral corrections are not required (as in conventional tools) skiving is about the only way to be assured of forming a perfectly spherical radius on a workpiece. Better finishes can also be obtained with skiving due to the shaving action,” Mr Fowler went onto say.

One of the leaders in the specialised area of skiving toolholders is well known German manufacturer WTO. The company is specialised in the design and manufacturing of high precision toolholders for CNC Turning and multitasking centres.

As a recognised pioneer and leader in its industry, WTO has always set the benchmarks for driven tool technology with its inventions and new developments. Their technologically superior products are known for achieving higher productivity and long tool life.

WTO’s Power Skiving unit is specially designed for high productive manufacturing of ID/OD gears and splines with CNC Turning centres. It offers maximum flexibility, high quality and optimal handling.

With its hydro chuck it provides high stiffness and runout accuracy plus quick cutting tool change. It also features both an internal and external coolant supply and a sime bar for high accuracy angular adjustment. The maximum angular adjustment is plus or minus 45 degrees.

“Like all WTO products, the power skiving unit is manufactured in Germany, so high quality and durability is a given,” Mr Fowler added.

Dimac Tooling is Australia and New Zealand’s leading supplier of accessories and workholding solutions for CNC milling and CNC turning machine tools. The company also manufactures soft and hard jaws in their own CNC equipped machine shop in Dandenong, Victoria.
“Like all the products we sell, the WTO range has the full back up and support of Dimac technical personnel to ensure the product performs correctly and operates at optimum performance,” Mr Fowler concluded.


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