Royal Rota-Rack

Item No: 51004

The Big Race? Cousin Dave’s Wedding? Heat Wave? The Royal Rota-Rack doesn’t care. It wont show up late, doesn’t get sick, and keeps working long after your last employee leaves.

Royal’s Rota-Rack is an automatic accumulator that can be used with any bar-fed CNC Lathe to safely collect finished parts. This means you get hours of highly productive, unmanned production.

Looking at it from a profitability standpoint, there are 168 production hours a week, but you can only use about 40 of them. If your machines are worth about $100 an hour, you could make an extra $12,800 each and every week using the Rota-Rack.

Continue your production overnight and use unmanned, free hours to increase productivity and profitability.

A simple set up means this product can pay for itself in just a week by enabling you to produce more parts per shift.

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Adding a Royal Rota-Rack to your bar-fed CNC lathe will greatly increase machine utilisation and throughput.

You can run existing machines extra hours – nights, weekends, lunch breaks, and any unmanned hours where the machine would otherwise be sitting, waiting to make money

Not having to wait for an operator to empty collection bins or unload parts means faster cycle times, and higher efficiency – this means you will produce more parts per shift.

The automation technique opens up your employees to do more effective tasks than part collection.

While increasing capacity, throughput and profit, the Royal Rota-Rack also eliminates part damage, it’s been designed to maximise part protection – a smoothly rotating turntable, highly lubricated conveyor and unique spiral design keep your parts in sequential order and reduce scrap and rework costs.

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