GT 250

Kitagawa’s new GT250 rotary table is a through hole unit capable of withstanding high cutting loads. It features a 250mm diameter table and provides spindle rotations of up to 33.3 rpm, for high speed indexing. Includes rigid body design to reduce deformation under heavy load.

250mm diameter faceplate with max speed of 33.3rpm and clamp torque of 1600Nm.

  • Clamping method: Pneumatic
  • Gear ratio: 1/90
  • Mass of product: 87 kg

Product Data

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  • Table diameter (mm): Ø250
  • Register diameter on faceplate (mm): Ø100
  • Spindle Through Hole Diameter (mm): Ø70
  • Centre Height (mm): 180
  • Clamping method: Pneumatic
  • Clamping Torque (N.m in pneumatic 0.5MPa): 1600
  • Gear ratio: 1/90
  • Max Spindle Speed: 33.3rpm
  • Indexing Accuracy (sec): 20
  • Repeatability (sec): 4
  • Weight: 87 kg