Machine tool shops to benefit from Dimac’s carbide application service

Insufficient grip that causes slipping parts, push back in chuck jaws and collets wearing out prematurely are issues well known to CNC Turning machine tool operators. The resultant production downtime, operator idle time, and expense of new or re-worked jaws is a significant problem.

Well known workholding solutions provider Dimac, has recently launched a new service designed to eliminate such issues, using a new form of carbide application equipment called Rocklinizer from the USA. This uses the proven spark deposition process called Rocklinizing to easily and quickly boost the grip coefficient of workholding jaws and collets.

The unit electronically applies a hard and wear resistant surface of Tungsten Carbide, Titanium Carbide or Rockhard electrode material to workholding tools.
Material is impregnated both underneath and on top of the workpiece surface. Unlike welding or metal spraying no appreciable heat is generated.

This ensures the temper of the workpiece is retained without distortion and the electrode material will not separate or flake off the workpiece. After Rocklinizing, no heat treatment, grinding or other surface treatment is necessary.

The Rocklinizer unit accurately applies an even layer of coating quickly and easily – 4 square cm can be applied in less than a minute using the rotary applicator. It is easy
to use with an easy to view digital readout and simple to operate touch panel.

The application process improves clamping force by a significant 50% thereby providing extra grip on workholding equipment such as jaws and collets whilst wear is accordingly reduced.

“The end result of this surface treatment is to increase productivity and reduce costs. When the tools remain in operation without replacement due to wear, there will be less machine downtime, operator idle time, and expense of replacing workholding equipment,” said Dimac Managing Director Paul Fowler.

“For just a few hundred dollars this service pays for itself when you take into account the significant benefits,” Mr Fowler went on to say.

Dimac has been appointed the sole distributor for Rocklinizer in Australia and New Zealand. The Rocklinizer is manufactured by the US based Rocklin Manufacturing Company incorporated in 1934 – an established manufacturer of industrial electronic equipment with manufacturing facilities in Sioux City, Iowa.

“This carbon application process offers multiple benefits including increased clamping force, extended tool life and increased productivity. It also minimises wear and downtime ultimately reducing costs. The fact we offer a quick turnaround service for this process will be welcomed by many CNC operators,” Mr Fowler concluded.

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