New Freddy Bowser offers safe and easy transport of fluids around workplaces.

Well known manufacturer of coolant recycling machines, Freddy, has recently launched an innovative new product, the Freddy Bowser.
The Freddy Oil and Coolant Bowser is a safe and easy way to transport fresh coolant around a workshop for filling or top up of CNC machines.
Using the same build ethos as the rest of the renowned range, the Bowser is hand built using 2 and 3mm mild steel. The option of both 304 and 316 stainless steel can be specified for those fluids with PH extremes, or those likely to conflict with mild steel.
Standard capacity is 200 litres, but there is the option of a 300 litre unit. Both tanks are baffled to eliminate unwanted shunt from the fluid sloshing around in the tank.
Easy access to the tank via a removable plate at the top, allows for cleaning or flushing out if required, and due to the curved design, there is no risk of contaminant being retained in any hard to reach places.
A sight gauge is located at one end of the tank for quick assessment of capacity.
The Bowser features four heavy-duty non-marking 125mm castors with needle roller bearings, allowing easy movement of the unit even when full; these are rated at 250kg each with the two front ones being braked. The whole unit is powder coated in orange for extra durability.

Two models are available; one operated by air and the other electrically powered. Both versions offer fast transfer of the fluids – up to 85 litres per minute with the centrifugal pump fitted with hard faced seals (electric model) or 52 litres per minute for the air model fitted with a Samoa Pumpmaster.
Options include a retractable Samoa hose reel, and a Samoa digital hose end meter if monitoring fluid usage is required.
Freddy is a well known and respected company established in 1962. The Freddy Bowser is the latest addition to Freddy’s comprehensive range of industrial vacuum and coolant recycling machines all of which are designed and manufactured in the UK.
Coolant management is an important part of efficient CNC machine tool operation, and it is generally well known that degraded coolant can seriously impact cutting performance and contribute to health and safety issues.
Freddy coolant recyclers are designed to vacuum out coolant from machine tool sumps, machine beds, drip trays, conveyors and even the shop floor with the dedicated floor tools and then recycle it for re-use. The in-built filter removes fines, swarf, and any particulates larger than the filter rating of the filter bag ensuring a significant amount of microscopic particles are removed from the coolant thereby increasing the life of the coolant and the cutting performance of tools.
Using a Freddy also reduces the need to come into contact with the coolant, thus removing the likelihood of a worker contracting a skin condition through prolonged contact or having an allergic reaction.

“Whether you choose one of the Freddy coolant recycling machines or the new Freddy Bowser, you’re guaranteed outstanding quality, ease of use and most importantly longevity,” Dimac Managing Director, Paul Fowler said.
In addition to Freddy, Dimac is also the sole distributor of other leading CNC accessory and workholding brands including Kitagawa chucks, Reven Mist air extractors, Hydrafeed Barfeeders and Royal’s Rota-Rack.

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