AMTIL April/May 2024 edition – Dimac Tooling & Lang Technik Workholding: A comprehensive product range for enhanced manufacturing efficiency and flexibility.

Workholding technologies form a critical foundation for companies engaged in precise and efficient manufacturing processes. Industries such as defence, aerospace, medical, mining, automotive, and general engineering rely on these technologies for optimal production efficiency. Access to high-end workholding technology is not just advantageous; it is essential for ensuring smooth operations and high-quality output.

Dimac Tooling, Australia’s premier supplier of accessories and premium workholding solutions for CNC milling and CNC turning machine tools, has thrived for well over 30 years. They collaborate closely with clients to grasp the nuances of their operations, enhancing machine performance and human interaction. Each range they offer aligns with their ongoing mission to discover the most effective, safe, and productive methods for securing machine workpieces, ensuring optimal productivity and flexibility. The Lang Workholding range, developed and manufactured in Germany, perfectly embodies these ideals.

Lang Technik’s premier products are currently utilised by Dimac’s prestigious clients, one of which is Australian Precision Technologies Pty Ltd, an advanced manufacturing facility that consults Dimac’s expertise as their CNC performance partner. These products are designed to optimize and enhance both new and existing machinery, maximizing manufacturers’ investments by ensuring shorter production cycles, rapid reconfiguration of workholding, and higher product quality. Richard Weinzierl of Australian Precision Technologies Pty Ltd, a client of Dimac for over 25 years, commended Dimac, stating, “Their delivery is efficient, service is second-to-none, product range is extensive, and their team is knowledgeable, friendly, responsive, and accessible. Australian Precision Technologies Pty Ltd couldn’t recommend Dimac and their premium product range highly enough.”

Lang Technik are the originators of the 52/96 Quick-Point Clamping System known industry wide as “Zero-Point Clamping.” Lang’s workholding range compromises of Quick-Point Plates, Makro- Grip Self-Centring Vices, new Quick-Point Rail System, new Full- Serration FS System, Quick-Point Tri-Top 3-face tombstone, Quick- Tower Tombstones and Pyramid Fixtures to name a few, all of which are designed with outstanding efficiency, versatility, reliability, and durability in mind. “Being German built, the Lang range is extremely strong, solid, easy to use and accessible,” stated Mr Weinzierl. “The versatility of each product means the range can be used across multiple machines. It has provided our company with a universal system that has enabled us to upgrade our pre-existing machinery instead of completely replacing equipment.”

The new patented Quick-Point® Rail System is Lang’s latest innovation, impressing its users with its diverse range of applications. When used on 5-axis machines, multi-pallet automation systems, large 3-axis tables, and clamping bridges, it ensures cost-efficiency as it doesn’t require a zero-point base plate. Set-up speed and flexibility were core focuses when developing this product, and its seamless clamping system enables variable positioning of the zero- point units in 4mm increments. This makes workholding setup on the Rail System extremely fast with impressively high repeatability. As with the Quick-Point Plates, the rails come in standard and customizable configurations to suit the majority of machine table configurations.

For manufacturers requiring new and improved stamping technology, the Makro-Grip ® FS will likely be your Lang product of choice. The brand’s stamping tech has paved the way in raw part machining for years, but the introduction of the Makro-Grip ®

FS boasts a revised stamping technique, new stamping jaws and additional series of the company’s 5-Axis Vises. By adding a range of new features, this new and improved stamping unit is even easier to use than other products on the market, and much more effective. A new stamping contour in the blank and the matching serration in the 5-Axis Vise allows users to achieve up to 60% higher holding forces with the same clamping parameters.

A marriage between the Makro-Grip ® and QuickPoint®, the Makro- Grip® 46 micro and QuickPoint® 52 duo enables machinery to clamp more parts on a smaller footprint, boasts greater application diversity through modularity and compatibility with the QuickPoint® 52 system, and is ideal for the automation of small parts due to the combination of compactness and holding force.

Finally, the Quick-Point® Tri-Top 3-face tombstone and Pyramid Fixture promises maximum stability, increased machine run-time and identical contours, and is designed to reduce downtimes and tool changes in milling operations.

“Thanks to our supplier partner Dimac, we use the Lang range on all our machinery. The point-to-point accuracy is always incredibly precise, and it allows our machinery to operate unmanned on 24- hour cycles, so we can enjoy our weekend with family and friends without worrying about our tech,” Weinzierl endorsed. “Dimac’s commitment to providing us with the best of the best – including the Lang range – when it comes to workholding solutions has allowed us to optimise efficiency and productivity on a large scale.”

The Lang range has been developed to provide users and machinery with a competitive edge, helping companies gain a manufacturing and product quality advantage over their counterparts, and Dimac’s distribution of the range – throughout Australia– showcases the company’s commitment to offering the very best solutions to some of Australia’s largest manufacturers.

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