Reven air cleaners keeps both CNC parts and the air clean at R & I Instrument and Gear

Melbourne-based R & I Instrument & Gear is a precision machining/engineering company that supplies a range of specialised components to OEMs in a number of niche markets including medical & scientific Instruments, the defence and aerospace industries.

The company is a registered Quality Endorsed Company meeting both requirements for ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D.

Established in 1948 by Bob Brown, Jeff Rowell and his wife Joyce took over the business in 1978 and in 1993 their son Andrew Rowell took over as the Operations Manager and is currently General Manager. In 1999 the Company came under the control of the Hardman family as a sister Company to Hardman Bros Pty Ltd – a company that is involved in industrial type power transmission applications.

Some of the high-precision parts that R & I manufacture are used in medical devices such as automated blood testing and laser eye surgery machines. In addition, a variety of components for the aerospace industry are manufactured; these include search lights for rescue helicopters along with a range of other defence related products.

The company prides itself on the many long-term relationships they have established over the decades. These include Agilent Technologies, Aim Lab Automation and Ellex Medical.

A customer of Dimac for a number of years, R & I recently purchased their second Reven Compact cleaning table.

Reven has been specialising in industrial air cleaning for decades and the company’s knowledge in the field of air cleaning has grown continuously. Their expertise is reflected in numerous internationally protected patents, design protection rights and unique technologies. All Reven products are designed and constructed in Germany.

“The compact Reven table is particularly versatile due to the fact that it does not require any electric power supply as the cleaning is performed by compressed air making it ideal for the cleaning and inspection work of CNC parts,” Mr Rowell said.

One of the key features of the Reven cleaning table is that it features Reven’s patented high-performance X-CYCLONE® separating system which is integrated into the table.

X-CYCLONE® technology, now into its fifth generation of this unique technology, was developed for the separation of air-borne substances including fluid and fine dusts.
The system is entirely mechanical without any auxiliary energy required and contains no disposable products or filters that need to be replaced. It is a sustainable air-cleaning concept thanks to the use of cleanable separators. As a result, the operating and maintenance costs are considerably lower compared with conventional air cleaners.

A lifetime guarantee is offered on the X-CYCLONE® basic separator elements and the corrosion-resistance of the enclosure.

“The health and safety of our workers is critical for us. We use solvents to clean parts and Reven’s integrated air cleaner ensures that fumes and other invisible superfine particles are filtered. This aspect was a key reason for us selecting the Reven brand,” said Mr Rowell.

“In addition, when parts are being cleaned by the air blast, the residue coolant and chips from the workpiece are also captured, with coolant recovered, therefore keeping the work area clean from coolant and chips,” he added.

“We’re really pleased with the Revens. They’re very user friendly and simple to operate. It ensures the workspace air is kept clean, improves operator safety, and has boosted our productivity. Best of all they cost nothing to run,” he went on to say.

In addition to the cleaning tables, R & I have a number of Reven mist extractors fitted to various machines. They also purchase other workholding products from Dimac including Lang Technik Makro-Grip 5-axis vises.

“I’ve always received great service and support from Dimac and the fact they’re a local supplier with a long-established history and range of quality brands are the key reasons I’ll continue to use them,” Mr Rowell concluded.

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