Water Eater

The Water Eater Model 85E is an electrically heated waste water evaporator designed for the small to medium sized generator of wastewater. It comes in two models, the Model 85E Carbon Steel version and the Model 85E-SS 316L Stainless Steel version (tank, floor, lid, covers, and stack are 316L SS). Installation is easy consisting of only an electrical hookup and a 6″ diameter vent stack.

The unit can be filled three different ways: (1) Using the supplied 2″ coupling on the top of the unit; (2) Remove the lid and manually pour in fluid; or (3) Using the optional 70 GPM self priming fill pump.

After an initial heat up time of approximately one hour, the Model 85E will evaporate 5 gallons per hour of water. The Model 85E will automatically shut itself down via a low level control. A secondary high temperature shutoff is also provided. When a cycle is completed the waste material can either be drained via a 2″ drain opening, vacuumed out of the unit through the removable lid, with a wet/dry vacuum or pump, or, if it is a solid material, scooped out. To facilitate cleanout, the interior tank of the 85E water evaporator has no obstructions (such as heating elements or stationary float mechanisms) impeding cleanout.

Product Data

Part Number: EMC-85E-480V Category:


Features & Benefits

  • Heavy Duty 12 Gauge Tank, Covers, & Stack (Carbon or 316L Stainless Steel).
  • 3/8” Plate Floor Heat Exchanger (Carbon or 316L Stainless Steel
  • Automatic Shutoffs (Low Level Control & High Temperature Shutdown) for unattended operation.
  • Simple one button ON/OFF operation.
  • Removable Lid and obstruction free tank floor for fast and easy cleanout.
  • Fully Insulated Tank.
  • Variable Weir skimmer standard on all units.
  • Power exhaust allows venting to outdoors.
  • Quality polyurethane finish.
  • Tank Top at convenient 30” height to facilitate cleanout.
  • Easily installed requiring only a vent stack and electrical hookup.
  • Industry Standardized Components.Most parts are available from major industrial supply houses. You are not held hostage by high mark up on “captive” parts only available by the original equipment manufacturer.
  • Optional 70 GPM Self Priming Feed Pump
  • Optional Auto Fill System
  • One Year Warranty on Parts & Workmanship

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