– The Royal Versa-Turn Live Centre is an excellent multi-purpose live centre designed to handle most common turning jobs.
– This centre is extremely free turning, making it an ideal choice for thin parts that could bend when subjected to high axial loads.
– The unique design of the Royal Versa-Turn Live Centre is actually two live centres in one, making it a great value for cost-conscious manufacturers.
– The extended front section of the point is used for parts with standard centre holes and provides excellent tool clearance.
– The Versa-Turn's rear bull-head section is great for tubes and parts with large centre holes.
– Two precision radial bearings offer high operating speeds, and a centrally positioned thrust bearing provides high axial load ratings.
– Accuracy of the Royal Versa-Turn Live Centre is very high, with runout guaranteed to +/- 0.00005″ TIR or better.


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