VacMagic VM300

The All-in-One Pallet Changer and Vacuum Chuck System


In a relatively short amount of time the VM300 has established itself as the vacuum system to which all others are measured. Capabilities include traditional vacuum applications using our standard grid plate and custom vacuum applications (ie: machining blank pallet to suit specific part geometry) and the ability to perform as a rock solid pallet changer.


One Small Investment = Huge Payoffs!


  • Simple design keeps cost low
  • Productivity maximised – load pallets while machining
  • Quick-change – swap pallets in 30 seconds or less with precise repeatability
  • Easy to install and set-up
  • Vacuum pallets with M6 threaded holes and textured finish to increase friction
  • Reliable and easy to use – virtually maintenance free
  • Flexible pallet design – limited only by your imagination!
  • No pumps – uses standard shop air
  • Purchase includes a pack of our original Fixture Clamps and Sliding Stops
  • If additional vacuum chambers are needed, drill tap through with
  • M8 thread and plug when not required.