TG GripSerts Grippers

With only 3.5mm of clamp surface needed to securely hold the workpiece, TG GripSerts workholding grippers are ideal for 5-axis machining operations. Because of the geometry of the grippers, the TG GripSerts create a pull down effect that prevents any lifting of the workpiece while clamping. These durable inserts combine a tough-coated cemented carbide with specialized teeth and triangular shapes that penetrate different types of workpieces material including steel, hardened steel/titanium (up to 50-54 HRC) and aluminum.

TG GripSerts workholding grippers offer many advantages over traditional clamping systems including exceptional clamping stability, no need for pre-machining or dovetailing workpieces, vibration dampening and allowing for very secure holding at lower clamping forces to avoid deforming the workpiece. This results in a higher cutting rate and less waste of materials than traditional clamping systems.