Talon Grip Vise Jaws

Mitee-Bite Products introduces a new and innovative product that will increase the functionality of your standard 100mm, 150mm and 200mm vises. TalonGrip™ is a simple bolt on system that will allow you to perform aggressive machining operations while clamping on as little as 1.5mm. Ideal for small lot sizes, difficult applications or proto-type work when building a fixture would not be beneficial. TalonGrips™ are also available individually for fixturing with Pitbull® and Dyna-Force® Clamps or for soft jaw applications.


For more versatility, all Jaw Sets are tapped with 2 additional holes to accept our M4 Pitbull® Clamps. This is an effective solution when downforce or additional holding force is necessary. Jaws are not heat-treated to allow for custom modifications. All grips and stops are heat-treated A2 steel.