T Series

The T Series use the revolutionary, innovation award winning X-CYCLONE technology to enhance the cleaning stage during product collection.

The T Series is a powerless air cleaner table, with a combined extractor to clean the exhaust air of dry fine dust and sprays. They get rid of archaic disposable solutions and replace them with self-cleaning, environmentally friendly, and sustainable cleanable separators.

The T Series are made of flame-arresting, rust-proof stainless steel, designed, constructed, and produced in Germany – they run quietly, but most importantly they run far more efficiently.

With the revolutionary technology of the X-CYCLONE T series, you’ll know your Extractor is working because your workshop will be cleaner, safer, and healthier for you and your employers without the hassle or cost of older systems.

Never replace it, wash it down once a year, and your X-CYCLONE Table will happily and quietly keep your workspace free of dust, mist, and particles.

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Save money and become more efficient with the X-CYCLONE Table Series.

The X-CYCLONE technology was developed for the separation of air-borne substances – aerosols, fluid, spraying mists, and fine dusts that are released during manufacturing and finishing processes, including cleaning and inspection.

With decades of continuous research and development behind it, the X-CYCLONE air cleaner technology is revolutionising this cleaning process.

The new air cleaner is characterised by a new arrow geometry and an increase in separating efficiency of 20%.

The heart of these systems is the award winning X-CYCLONE technology, the basic element is self cleaning and requires absolutely no maintenance. Aerosols separated in the basic element run down as fluid mass along the X-CYCLONE profile sections. As it runs off, the liquid washes away solids that accumulate on the profile surface of the basic element, disposable products that need replacing at regular intervals are long gone. You’ll find operation and maintenance are far more cost effective than any conventional air cleaners.

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