This riser can be used in a modular configuration when used with the Unviersal Adapter: RWP-223 and any of the following standard fixtures: RWP-001(SS), RWP-002(SS),RWP-003-4X, RWP-006(SS), RWP-013(SS), RWP-018(SS) or RWP-030SS.

Product Data


Material: 7075 Aluminium
Diameter: 11.950 Inches
Height: 6.00 Inches
Machine Type: Any
Connects to: RWP-001, RWP-001SS, RWP-002, RWP-002SS, RWP-003-4X, RWP-006, RWP-006SS, RWP-013, RWP-013SS, RWP-018, RWP-018SS, RWP-030SS, RWP-223