Speedgrip Quick Change Adapter

One of the traditional issues facing operators of CNC lathes, who are involved with smaller batch sizes, is that of change over time of workholding devices. There is the time involved with disassembly, cleaning, checking and reassembly which all adds to significant time delay and subsequent loss in productivity.

The need for shorter part runs and just in time manufacturing has exacerbated the need for versatile and quick change over workholding systems with minimal downtime. There are a number of systems currently in the marketplace which offer quick change adaptors and chucks, but the monetary investment required is, in most cases, prohibitive. There are also marked differences in the amount of time actually saved.

This is where Speedgrip’s Quick Change Adaptor comes into play. Using the industry tried and trusted Camlock technology with a carrier and receiver, it provides a solution that is accurate, fast to convert between workholding methods, and importantly very affordable.