PressureMax Spray Tips

High Presure Coolant Nozzles for CNC Machines

Available with extended spray tips to shoot farther

Available in Brass or Stainless Steel

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Product Data

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High velocity coolant stream increases productivity and tool lifr in machining and grinding operations

Also ideal for low pressure applications where abrasive swarf is a problem

Hits any target above mountaing plane, easy to aim

Interchangable spray tips available

Choose short extentions for tight spaces like CNC Turning and Screw Machines

Choose stainless steel bodies when using cutting oils not compatible with brass (i.e. oils containing active sulphur)

Choose brass bodies for economy

Pipe sizes fit NPT and BSPT threads, rated to 100 bar (1500 psi) maximum

Longer extentions are a breeze to aim and shoot farther, great for Machining Centers and CNC Multi-Axis Grinders

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