Odour Control Tablets (Pkt 15)

Even with preventative coolant maintenance, some sumps still emit an odour, especially after the weekend. The best short term solution is the Odor Control Tablet, which safely re-balances the coolant’s pH-thus reducing the foul smell.

Should your tank configuration not lend itself to proper aeration or the coolant batch is rather old, the Odor Control Tablet may also be your best long term solution.

  • Eliminates sump odors caused by bacterial emissions (hydrogen sulfide)
  • Safe for most coolants when used as directed
  • Recommended dosage is 1 tablet per 100 litres every 2 weeks
  • Safer and more economical than biocides (contains no formaldehyde or other harmful chemicals)
  • Works best when used with Oxygenator™
  • 15 tablets per tube
  • Each tablet measures 50mm diameter
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