– The Royal Ultimate™ Multi-Tasking Live Center has been specifically designed for use on the multi-tasking CNC machines with lower turrets and/or sub-spindles.
– Its spring-loaded design enables the center to overcome the lack of hydraulic compensation found on tailstocks, protecting lower turrets and sub-spindles from overloading and/or crashes.
– The Royal Ultimate™ Multi-Tasking Live Center is extremely accurate, with runout guaranteed to +/-0.00001″ TIR or better.
– Bearing life is superior to other spring-loaded live center models thanks to the exclusive Royal Roto-Shield™ coolant slinger and an upgraded, long-life, neoprene seal that is resistant to abrasion, high temperatures, and virtually all metalworking fluids.
– A heavy-duty bearing configuration and optimized spring-pak help make the Royal Ultimate™ Multi-Tasking Live Center the perfect choice for all multi-tasking CNC machines.


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