Reven Low Power Consumption

Enormous energy-saving potential due to the use of energy efficient fans

REVEN Sersheim – By adopting the Kyoto Protocol, the European Union has undertaken to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 20 percent by 2020. To achieve this climate goal, the EU adopted the EuP Directive (Energy-using Products Directive) in 2005. Renamed as the ErP Directive (Energy-related Products Directive) in 2009, it will help with studying the savings potential of numerous energy-related products and stipulating minimum requirements. Limits for fans were defined in June 2010 and are mandatory now

Which fans are affected? Fans of all types (axial fans, centrifugal fans with forward or backward curved blades, cross-flow and diagonal fans) between 0.125 kW and 500 kW electrical power input are affected. This applies to fans that are operated as “stand-alone” devices and those which run as components integrated in a device or system.

From what point on is the directive binding? 1st stage starts January 2013 and the 2nd stage starts January 2015.

How will it be implemented? The EU defines the minimum efficiency levels in the ErP implementation regulation for fans. These are defined at best operating point based on electrical power input. To decide whether a fan satisfies the ErP Directive, the efficiency of the complete fan is assessed, i.e. the unit of control electronics (if fitted), motor and fan impeller.

To which countries does the directive apply? The directive will be mandatory for all 27 EU countries. The directive applies to all fans sold or imported in Europe as well as those integrated as components of other devices that are imported into Europe.

Why has this law come into being? With the aim of reducing CO2 emissions considerably!

REVEN GmbH can deliver from now on all of its air cleaners with fans and motors that already fulfill the ErP directive from 2015. All of these air cleaners will wear the green ErP ready sticker from above. At the moment we have about 8 weeks delivery time on ErP ready air cleaners, but step by step we will update our air cleaner product line this year with ErP fans.

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