Kitagawa SS1246K

Compact hydraulic cylinder with max speed of 8000 rpm and through hole of 46mm.
Piston Stroke (mm): 16
Piston Diameter (mm): 128
Max Pressure (MPa): 4.5

Draw Bar Pull (kN):

Compact and lightweight the SS series is compatible with Kitagawa's B-200 and BB200 chucks.

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Key Features

Length is reduced by 30% when compared to current S Series Cylinders with increased rotation speed. Precision finished piston bores and cool running rotary unions are included for years of trouble-free performance.
• Piston Diameter (mm): 128
• Piston Stroke (mm): 16
• Draw Bar Pull Side (kN): 38.9
• Draw Bar Push Side (kN): 43.6
• Max Operating Pressure (MPa): 4.5
• Max Speed: 8000rpm
• Moment of Inertia (kg.m2): 0.017
• Net Weight (kg): 8
• Total Leakage (min): 3.0

Cylinder is compatible with Kitagawa B-206 chucks.

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