HAUBEX Workholding Hood

The aluminium workholding hood is the carrier system which transfers vice and workpiece blank from the tool magazine into the zero-point clamping system on the machine table. By means of a 90° closing movement, it opens and locks the zero-point system mechanically, which means that the system does not require any additional utilities on the machine side. A safety element between the workholding hood and the tool holder acts as a buffer and protects the machine spindle in the event of unexpected collisions. An integrated guide and fixation secures the vice against unintentional release from the workholding hood and ensures a secure fit.


DIMENSIONS: ⌀ 125 x 185 mm
MAX. WORKPIECE DIMENSIONS: ca. 80 x 75 x 70 mm
WEIGHT: 0.9 kg
MATERIAL: Aluminium