Coolant Chiller

CoolJet chillers are designed to take coolant or oil, from a machine tool tank, filter it, chill it and return it to the machine tool tank. Our chillers can be interfaced with a machine tool or can operate as a standalone accessory. CoolJet chillers can be sized for varying cooling capacities (24,000btu – 60,000btu), can be ordered for oil or coolant, and can include a feeder pump or not. CoolJet offers installation kits that include all necessary items for a complete chiller installation. CoolJet can also perform the installation as required.Standard Chiller Features

  • Compact heavy-duty construction 24,000 BTU for Coolant – SC24
  • Solid-state, programmable digital controller 36,000 BTU for Coolant – SC36
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Model Number: CJS-CHILL