C Series

The C Series  Mist Extractors use the revolutionary, innovation award winning X-CYCLONE technology.

They clean the exhaust air and separate water-based aerosols such as cooling lubricants and spray mist. They get rid of disposable solutions and replace it with a self-cleaning environmentally friendly and sustainable cleanable separators.

The C Series are made of rust-proof and flame retardant stainless steel, designed, constructed and produced in Germany.

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The X-CYCLONE technology was developed for the separation of air-borne substances – aerosols, fluid and spraying mists and fine dusts that are released during manufacturing and finishing processes.

With decades of continuous research and development, the X-CYCLONE air cleaner technology is revolutionary.

The new air cleaner is characterised by a new arrow geometry and an increase in separating efficiency of 20%.

The heart of these systems is the award winning X-CYCLONE technology, the basic element is self cleaning and requires absolutely no maintenance. Aerosols separated in the basic element run down as fluid mass along the X_CYCLONE profile sections. As it runs off, the liquid washes away solids that accumulate on the profile surface of the basic element, disposable products that need replacing at regular intervals are long gone. You’ll find operation and maintenance are far more cost effective than any conventional air cleaners.


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