Angle Heads

Titespot® Coolant Driven Right Angle Heads for drilling and milling offer a cost effective alternative to mechanically driven heads, particularly where machining at multiple positions and/or in small bores or cavities is required.


Titespot® Coolant Driven Angle Heads are:

  • Indexable: Can machine at multiple radial positions with one head and one set-up
  • Compact: Can machine in bores down to 5/8″16mm in diameter, and close to walls, floors and obstructions.
  • Rigid: Do not depend on bearings for housing support. Bearing “play” is eliminated, accuracy improved
  • Simple to install: Load directly from the tool changer. No cumbersome stop blocks required
  • Efficient: Coolant flow through the head eliminates heat build-up and allows 100% duty cycle
  • Modular: All angle head sizes are easily interchangeable with all shank styles