64000 Robotrex 96 Automation System

The RoboTrex 96 Automation System can use mechanical or pneumatic operation. No additional utilities are required within the machine and it features wear-free components. Repeat accuracy is less than 0.005 mm. For maximum convenience, RoboTrex can also be used without the automation system for manual production.

RoboTrex consists of a number of components working together for optimum results. The proven Fanuci robot allows for one gripper for all types of workpieces. Offline preparation of the automation trolley enables the automation system to be re-equipped within a few moments without any machine downtime.

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Storage capacity per trolley: 15/16 vises
Quantity of trolleys: Max. 4 pieces
Total storage capacity: 60/64 vises
Workpiece dimensions with every slot occupied: Max. 205 x 205 x 90 / max. 205 x 150 x 150mm
Workpiece weight: Max. 25kg, optionally: max. 45kg
Gripper Exchange Interface: Yes
Actuation of Zero-Point Clamping System: pneumatic
Footprint: from 2.00 x 2.70m
Loading: Through machine door or side window

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