EZset Tool Presetters improve both productivity and quality

The EZset Tool Presetter is a revolution in non contact tool presetting. By precisely measuring any tool while your CNC machine keeps cutting, machine uptime is optimised and tool life is maximised.

The EZset tool presetting device has a state-of-the-art image processing system which measures the cutting edges of your tools in seconds, then saves and documents the measurement results. EZset is fast – simple time-wasting fine adjustments are a thing of the past. The dynamic cross-hairs move to the tool cutting edges, and automatically measures the entire camera image.

Adjustable Boring Bars can be easily set with micron precision in less than a minute, which in turn eradicates frustrating “trial and error” cutting. Tool run out can also be checked and cutting inserts inspected using the on-board inspection camera.

EZset provides three key features in the one machine: measuring, presetting, and inspecting tools. It is delivered as a complete package with base table, adapter, utensil tray, and label printer. EZset tool presetting devices are available with a variety of measurement ranges, and with the four image processing variations ICbasic, IC1, IC2, and IC3.

“Results are precise no matter the user, as well as repeatable and reliable. An EZset Tool Presetter has multiple benefits. It will save set-up time, improve accuracy, produce better quality parts, whilst minimising scrap,” Dimac Managing Director, Paul Fowler said. “Precisely measured cutting tools deliver at least a 15% increase in productivity in your manufacturing processes. EZset tool presetting devices amortise quickly. They are easy to operate, small on costs, and big on performance,” Mr Fowler added.

EZset are manufactured in Germany and assembled with high quality brand name components, such as Bosch pneumatic components, THK guides and Heidenhain Glass Scales to ensure a long, maintenance-free lifetime. Equipped with image processing based on the newest technology available, a precise tool mounting spindle and numerous measurement functions, EZset sets the benchmark in cost effective tool presetting outside of your CNC Machine Tool.

EZset offers a range of optional features that includes a direct link via ethernet to your various CNC machines. This facilitates the direct transfer of a measured tool’s library of results, thus eliminating the potential of damaging data entry errors.

“Quite simply, an EZset tool presetter will boost your productivity and quality, whilst saving you time and money,” Mr Fowler went on to say.

Dimac, Australia’s largest supplier of CNC machine tool accessories and workholding solutions is the sole distributor for EZset Tool Presetters in Australia and New Zealand.

“Like all the products we sell, the EZset range will have the full back up and support of Dimac technical personnel to ensure the products are installed correctly and operate at optimum performance,” Mr Fowler concluded.

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