Coolant Saver reduces coolant consumption, improves bottom line.

Dimac Tooling, Australia and New Zealand’s leading supplier of accessories and workholding solutions for CNC milling and CNC turning machine tools, is also the agent for the award-winning Wogaard Coolant Saver units.

With today’s increasing manufacturing costs, all users of CNC machine tools are looking
for ways to minimize ongoing running expenditure. One of the many fixed costs of these
machines is coolant- an area where all operators are looking to extend usage and
minimise wastage.

Traditionally CNC machine operators have had to use a drain tap to remove any coolant from the swarf bin, using a drum to catch it and pour the coolant back into the tank, hopefully without spilling too much on the floor. As the drain hole is usually located above the bottom of the bin there is always a residue left in the bin so it is not an ideal method.

Additionally, whenever swarf was collected by a recycling company, whatever coolant was left in the bins had to be poured into IBCs for correct disposal. This of course incurred an additional cost.

“One of the best things about the Wogaard Coolant Saver is its simplicity,” said Dimac Managing Director, Paul Fowler. “The unit is compact, easy to install and powered by the machine tool’s existing on-board coolant pump, so no external energy source is needed.
“Connected to the coolant pump by a flexible line, the Coolant Saver is simply placed in the machine’s swarf bin. When the machine is running the coolant pump is used to generate a vacuum by the Wogaard unit, which simply draws the coolant back up from the bin and back into the machine’s tank,” Mr Fowler added.
“This also puts an end to coolant fluid leaking from larger chip containers, creating potential health & safety issues,” Mr Fowler went on to say.

Users of CNC Machines that are fitted with the Coolant Saver report that the swarf bins are now practically empty when they check them. Where a company may have been topping up the tank with 25 litres once a day, this has been reduced to once a week.

The significant savings achieved with the Coolant Saver provides payback in a very short period of time. The unit also requires very little maintenance.
Dimac has over 30 years experience in CNC machine tool accessories and are agents for many highly respected brands such as Kitagawa, Cooljet, Jergens and Eron. The company also manufactures soft and hard jaws in their own CNC equipped machine shop.
“Like all the products we sell, Wogaard Coolant Savers are supported by the full back up and support of Dimac technical personnel to ensure the right product is specified for the job and the machine operates at optimum performance,” Mr Fowler concluded.

For more information please contact Dimac:
Paul Fowler, Managing Director
Ph: 03 9771 6121 or email [email protected]