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A quality vise is the key to getting the greatest potential from your machine tool.

The old adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ is true for many things in life and applies equally to CNC workholding solutions and machine tool accessories.

“A machine tool is only as good as the workholding capability that you are using. If you can’t hold a part rigidly or squarely, you will not be able to realise the full potential of your machine tool,” said Paul Fowler, Managing Director of Dimac.

Dimac has over 30 years experience in CNC machine tool accessories and are agents for many highly respected brands such as Cooljet, Reven and Royal. The company also manufactures soft and hard jaws in their own CNC equipped machine shop.

“All too often we see companies investing heavily in high quality machining centres, only to compromise the performance by using a sub standard vise, generally a cheaper imitation of the original Japanese quality,” Mr Fowler went on to say.

Dimac is the sole distributor for both Nabeya Eron and Kitagawa machine vises with a range that covers every possible need in machine shops.

“Both these Japanese brands are built to an uncompromising standard with cutting edge design and superior materials that make them a very logical choice for increasing productivity and quality,” Mr Fowler added.

Very few companies in the world today can boast such a rich engineering history as Nabeya Eron. The company was formed in 1560 and were famous for such products as temple bells, Samurai swords and cooking utensils.

Today they are still a major foundry in Japan while also specialising in machine tool workholding equipment.

Kitagawa Iron Works Ltd (KIW) is a Japanese mixed engineering group founded some 75 years ago and listed on the Tokyo stock exchange.

Its products cover machine tool accessories, building materials, a foundry and construction equipment.

“When looking for a new vise, it is crucial that it features the highest Dynamic and Parallelism accuracy. Every Eron and Kitagawa vise has this required accuracy with ultra fine tolerances that ensures that multiple vises can be mounted in one set up whilst providing the user with confidence every time the vise is fitted,” Mr Fowler said.

The extensive Eron range includes 5 Axis, hydraulic intensive, manual and modular units. The Kitagawa range includes compact, lowest floor type, multi-type and mechanical intensive models.

“Ultimately it’s a mistake to compromise on vise quality. A Japanese vise will ensure you maximise cutting speeds and feeds and provide you with excellent surface finishes and squareness,” Mr Fowler added.

“Like all the products we sell, Nabeya Eron and Kitagawa machine vises have the full back up and support of Dimac technical personnel to ensure the product operates at optimum performance,” Mr Fowler concluded.