Shaft turning in just one operation with Neidlein Face Drivers

Neidlein Face Drivers, manufactured in Germany, enable shafts to be turned in one set-up between centres allowing the entire surface of the workpiece to be machined which in turn boosts productivity.

Neidlein face drivers are mechanical clamping systems whereby workpieces are clamped centrically using a movable centre pin. By using a mechanical system, not hydraulic, it guarantees that there is no movement of the part datum point. Temperature fluctuations that usually affect hydraulic face drivers have almost no effect on the Neidlein driver. The Face drivers are power operated by the thrust of the tailstock.

Because the centre is securely clamped in position once the workpiece has been gripped, heavy cuts with high concentric accuracy can be achieved.

The centre point’s spring-loaded feature means that variations that may occur in the depth of centre drilling are of no concern.

The face drivers self-centering ability enables workpieces to be loaded in the machine and clamped in only a few seconds. With Neidlein face drivers machine downtime is kept to an absolute minimum. It is also possible to load and unload machines automatically.

The easy change out of drive pins and centres also simplifies the operation; they are replaced on the machine without disassembling the driver head.

The special mechanical system of the Neidlein face driver compensates for non-perpendicular workpiece end faces. Rough sawn pieces out of square by as much as three degrees are still driven effectively. Versatile mounting configurations allow quick and easy change over from chucking to face driving.

Neidlein face drivers are suitable for turning, grinding, milling, hobbing and other primary and secondary turning applications.

“Selecting the right driver style and mounting configuration is largely a function of machine type and how often changeovers will occur. But no matter what type of machine or frequency of changeover, Neidlein’s expansive range will ensure we can supply the right face driver,” Dimac’s Managing Director, Paul Fowler said.

“Because Neidlein face drivers enable the entire external contour of the workpiece to be machined in a single operation, second operations are eliminated and costly part handling is reduced. From a productivity and cost efficiency perspective they are a must have for any machine shop,” Mr Fowler summed up.

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