Reven X-CYCLONE® technology is the solution to achieving a completely clean and healthy workspace

Air cleaners are designed to capture and clean exhaust air contaminated with oil and emulsion mists and fine particles that are emitted by machine tools such as lathes and milling machines.

However, whilst many air cleaners may claim to clean the air completely, in reality many are unable to extract the invisible superfine particles which constitute the greatest threat to workers heath: mist particles with a diameter below 3-5 μm. These particles can get into the lungs first and then into a person’s blood, potentially causing health issues.

All Reven Air Cleaners feature Reven’s patented high-performance X-CYCLONE® separating system. X-CYCLONE® technology, now into its fifth generation, was specifically developed for the separation of air-borne substances including fluid and superfine particles.

Measurements by the German based Fraunhofer Institute prove that Reven air cleaners with their X-CYCLONE® technology attain a separation efficiency of 98% with critical particle sizes below 3-5 μm.

“The issue of removal of superfine particles in the air has perhaps been overlooked when it comes to general air filtering. But only highly efficient air cleaners such as Reven can remove a complete spectrum of pollutants such as mists and smoke,
Including of course superfine particles,” Dimac Managing Director, Paul Fowler pointed out.

“Using a Reven air cleaner will ensure that workers breathe fresh air and are protected from these superfine particles. A Reven air cleaner provides a cost-efficient solution to putting an end to polluted workshops with grease-dripping exhaust air ducts and oily steel beams and windows,” Mr Fowler added.

The compact floor-standing RJ Series are made of rust-proof and flame retardant stainless steel, designed, constructed, and produced in Germany – they run quietly, but most importantly they run far more efficiently.

The fan impeller and the electric motor have an energy-efficient sustainable design that results in significant savings on energy costs compared to conventional air cleaners and oil mist separators.

The Reven X-CYCLONE® system is entirely mechanical without any auxiliary energy required and contains no disposable products or filters that need to be replaced.

The metal profile of the X-CYCLONE® provides for the reliable ejection of the mist particles due to multiple deflections of the airflow. The latest version is characterised by new arrow geometry which provides a further 20% increase in separating efficiency. The X-CYCLONE® is self-cleaning – oil is not collected but flows down on the surface of the polished blades into the collection channel.

“X-CYCLONE® technology is a sustainable air-cleaning concept thanks to the use of cleanable separators. As a result the operating and maintenance costs are considerably lower than with conventional air cleaners that require filters to be cleaned or replaced on a regular basis. Simply wash it down once a year and the X-CYCLONE system will happily and quietly keep your workspace free of dust, mist, superfine particles and water-based aerosol,” Mr Fowler said.

“Another benefit of Reven air cleaners relates to their flame arresting capacity compared to traditional air cleaners that use filters. Filters – particularly when they
are saturated – involve a considerably higher risk of fire and must be washed out or replaced at regular intervals. Reven air cleaners on the other hand, drain the oil off into a collection channel over their polished surfaces and are self cleaning,” Mr Fowler went on to say.

German manufacturer Reven has now been specialising in industrial air cleaning for decades and the company’s knowledge in the field of air cleaning has grown continuously. This expertise is reflected in numerous internationally protected patents, design protection rights and unique technologies.

Designed, constructed and manufactured in Germany, all Reven units feature a stainless steel enclosure that is 100% rustproof, providing a considerably longer service life. A lifetime guarantee is offered on the X-CYCLONE® basic separator element and on the corrosion resistance of the enclosure.

“Like all the products we sell, the Reven range has the full back-up and support of Dimac technical personnel to ensure the products are installed correctly and operate at optimum performance,” Mr Fowler concluded.

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