Mitee-Bite Heavy-Duty VersaGrip™ accomodates all workpiece shapes

US manufacturer Mitee-Bite is the innovator of compact, low-profile edge clamps geared towards improving productivity and providing solutions for difficult workholding applications. Their revolutionary Pitbull clamp remains the lowest profile, highest-holding force clamp in the industry today.
The company is now launching a new product to add to their extensive portfolio of clamps. The Heavy-Duty VersaGrip™ gripper is designed for those aggressive operations on harder materials while providing the versatility to hold just about any workpiece shape that can be imagined. The rotatable, flat, serrated top face allows for additional holding force in horizontal pockets in jaws or hard stops.
Standard gripping height is 5mm; if a higher height is required, the workpiece can be elevated by resting part of it on the Original VersaGrip™ gripper, allowing for cutter clearance around jaws. The standard VersaGrip, as the name implies, provides versatility for clamping standard vise work as well as providing a solution for difficult applications that would normally require fixturing or machining soft-jaws.
The VersaGrip is just one of a number of new products that the company has recently introduced, one of which is the new Heavy Duty T-Slot clamp.
Designed to be used in the T-slots of machine tables, the versatile heavy duty model is capable of generating an impressive 88kN of down force. This is coupled with a very low gripping profile which reduces material cost and the number of machining operations required.

The ‘HD’ clamp bolts straight down onto the machine table eliminating the need for a separate fixture. Set up time is accordingly reduced, making the machining operation quicker and more efficient. The hardened steel clamping element has both a smooth surface for machined workpieces and a serrated clamping surface for rougher work.
The ‘HD’ clamp is designed specifically for use with Pitbull and OK-Vise clamps which can be used on the same base in a variety of configurations, ensuring plenty of holding force.
Another recently introduced product is TalonGrip; a simple bolt-on system that allows operators to perform aggressive machining operations while clamping on as little as 1.5mm. It is ideal for small lot sizes, difficult applications or proto-type work when building a fixture would not be beneficial.
The new TalonGrip LL (long length) serrated grips are designed for applications where specific grip location is not necessary or higher and full length penetration is required.
These new grips are designed as a “drop fit” into the original TalonGrip jaw sets or for use on a fixture, with a gripping height range of 1.27mm to 4.06mm.
The grips are made from S7 steel, heat-treated and finished with a black oxide coating. The grips are laser engraved with a useful 10mm scale for reference on repeatable part placement.
Mitee-Bite Products LLC began in 1986 with the original Mitee-Bite hex clamp created to save time on a re-occurring production job. The company has since grown to become the innovator of compact, low-profile edge clamps for CNC machining.

Fast forward more than 30 years and Mitee-Bite continues to develop new products that provide customers with a wide assortment of high-density low profile clamping solutions – all designed to keep the spindle running, the cutter engaged and minimise idle spindle time thus saving on material cost and reduced set-up times.
Dimac is Australia and New Zealand’s largest supplier of accessories and workholding solutions that optimise CNC machine productivity.
In addition to Mitee-Bite, Dimac is also the sole distributor of other leading CNC accessory and workholding brands including Kitagawa chucks, Lang Technik 5-axis vises, Freddy coolant recyclers, Reven air cleaners, Hydrafeed barfeeders and Royal’s Rota-Rack.

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