Lang Technik stamping technology now available for round parts

Leading workholding manufacturer Lang Technik, has added a new product to their highly respected Makro-Grip range: the Makro-4Grip. This innovative clamping system allows Lang’s stamping technology to now be utilised for round parts.

The stamping is a patented form-closure technology which provides the highest holding power for 5-face machining worldwide. Often referred to as pre-stamping, it involves the workpiece being stamped outside of the machine tool with up to 20 tons of hydraulic pressure.

Clamping scenarios that require high holding power, no work stop in the machining area or where the danger of workpiece deformation exists, can be mastered with the stamping process.

“Makro-Grip stamping technology provides tremendous material savings due to
minimal clamping edge requirements; the new Makro- 4Grip means that any company that is involved with workpiece milling of round parts can now benefit from this technology easily and cost efficiently,“ said Dimac Managing Director, Paul Fowler.

“Lang’s stamping technology is still the benchmark when it comes to processing raw parts in 5-axis machining,” Mr Fowler added.

The Makro-4Grip system consists of universal stamping jaws including stamp-
ing inserts for individual positioning as well as matching clamping jaws suitable for all sizes of Makro-Grip vices.

The jaws grip the pre-stamped part in four indentations at a clamping height of
just 3mm and covers a clamping range from 36mm to 300mm.

“For 5-sided machining, where optimal accessibility has to be achieved, stamping technology in connection with a Makro-Grip 5-axis vise provides the ultimate solution and most importantly the highest holding power for 5-face machining worldwide,” Mr Fowler said.

Makro-Grip 5-axis vises are the perfect solution for all challenging clamping tasks and are simply unbeatable in 5-sided manufacturing,” Mr Fowler went on to say.

The Makro-Grip vise range includes the Dual-Clamping vise, the Makro-Grip Automation and the Profilo Clamping vise; a clamping system for all shaped parts allowing for the use of different types of profile jaws on one vise body. The Universal Avanti vise offers great handling characteristics and enormous set-up time savings thanks to a quick jaw exchange system.

The Vario-Tec Centering vise is a convenient and versatile clamping solution for semi-finished parts whilst the Ino-Grip 3-Jaw chuck is an automatable chuck for milling round parts.

Another unique product in the Lang Technik range is the Cleaning Fan. The fan automatically cleans the machine table, pallet and/or workpieces after the machining process is complete.

“This well known German company is recognised as the leading manufacturer of workholding solutions for almost any clamping requirement from raw material to the finished workpiece. Every month thousands of clamping set-ups are delivered to customers all over the world to help them increase their production efficiency,” Mr Fowler added.

“Because all Lang Technik’s extensive products come from the one place they are perfectly matched and interfacing problems with other systems do not exist. The modular building system and the multitude of combinations and capabilities are the reason that their workholding systems can be used in almost any machining centre,” Mr Fowler concluded.

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