Oil Skimmer further extends coolant life and reduces disposal costs

Tramp oil is probably one of the most common contaminants in metalworking fluids. The term is a catch phrase for all sources of non-soluble contaminants (usually oil-based) that can come into contact with the metalworking fluid as a function of the process or the equipment. The sources are varied but can include hydraulic fluid as well as slideway oil, gear and spindle lubricants.

Whatever the source, tramp oil is a foreign contaminant that can create numerous problems. Most CNC machine tools, especially those using slideway oil will develop a layer of oil on top of the coolant. This oil layer can lead to bacterial growth resulting in poor performing coolant, dermatitis, unpleasant odours and reduced coolant life.

Removal of the oil can be a time-consuming and unpleasant task but with the new Freddy Vacuum Tramp Oil Skimmer it is now possible to make any Freddy, no matter the age, into a quick and effective skimming device.

“There’s no need to wait for hours while the oil coalesces, or have the headache of what to do with lots of oil-contaminated paper. The Freddy skimmer separates oil from the coolant and returns clean coolant to the sump, thereby increasing coolant lifetime and reducing disposal costs whilst saving time and labour – it’s simply a faster and more ecological way of removing oil,” said Dimac Managing Director, Paul Fowler.

The unit connects easily and quickly to any Freddy model; once connected and the vacuum switched on, it is possible to easily regulate the flow to ensure only oil is collected rather than valuable coolant. Once collected, it is easy to empty out the Freddy into a barrel or IBC for waste removal.

Attachments that can be used with the new Freddy Oil Skimmer include a 3-ball float, a hammerhead and a magnetic static pick up.

Freddy is a well known and respected UK-based company established in 1962 and now offers an extensive range industrial vacuums and coolant filtration machines that cover all needs and budgets.

“The cost savings of refiltering coolant are enormous. Regular filtering means that the coolant degrades much slower, therefore lasting longer and requiring less to be bought. And because it remains uncontaminated, the associated WHS risks lessen and your machine tools live longer,” said Mr Fowler.

Freddy’s extensive range kicks off with the Superminor. The Superminor range is the most widely used and well established coolant vacuum in the world. It is designed to be easy to maneouvre – featuring a tilt and lift design so it is effortless to empty – and is the only Freddy with interchangeable drums to prevent cross-contamination between fluids.

Other models in the range include the the Freddy Micro, Freddy Midi, Freddy Ecovac and the Mark V – one of the largest coolant recycling vacuums that Freddy make.

“The new Freddy Tramp Oil Skimmer can be quickly and easily connected to any Freddy vacuum recycler regardless of its age and provides yet another filtration process to further extend the life of the coolant whilst reducing disposal costs,” Mr Fowler said.

“Freddy has always led the way in coolant recycling and the company’s expertise and innovation in this area is unquestioned. Quite simply, Freddy can extend the life of your coolant, lower your operating costs and extend the life of your equipment whilst at the same time protecting your employees,” Mr Fowler went on to say.

“Whichever Freddy you choose you’re guaranteed outstanding quality, ease of use and most importantly longevity. We see Freddy’s that are almost thirty years old come back to our workshop for an overhaul – once completed, we know they will perform for many more years to come,” Mr Fowler added.

“Like all the products we sell, the Freddy range has the full back up and support of Dimac’s technical personnel to ensure the product is installed correctly and operates at optimum performance,” Mr Fowler concluded.

In addition to Freddy,  Dimac is also the sole distributor of other leading CNC accessory and workholding brands including Kitagawa power chucks, Lang Technik 5-axis vises, Reven air cleaners, Hydrafeed barfeeders and Royal’s Rota-Rack.


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