VQX-N Series

Kitawaga’s VQX Series is a power vise series suitable for long sized work pieces and simultaneous machining of multiple work pieces….

‘long-size’, ‘simultaneous’, ‘multiple’ – you know what that means. Increased productivity. Don’t work harder, work smarter.

The smarter choice is Kitagawa’s VQX Series.



  • Cast iron body with high vibration damping property
  • Firm clamping of work ensured by high clamping force
  • Stable clamping force secured by the mechanical enhancement structure
  • Minimum lift up, offering the stable machining accuracy
  • Parallel use as standard


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There’s no such thing as ‘good vibrations’ when it comes to vises.

Kitagawa’s VQX Series has a durable cast iron body, with high vibration damping property, that means no vibrations – it’ll sit nice and still for you.

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