Tube Sidewinder – 240VAC

The Zebra (USA) Sidewinder removes oil from the tightest places, even off the floor. It can snake around corners, enter through narrow slits, and be moved from machine to machine in a minutes. The Sidewinder, also known as Tube Skimmer can be fitted with the optional Diverter to reduce wasted coolant.

Features include;


  • Compact and versatile design
  • Simple to install
  • Skims hard-to-access or enclosed sumps
  • Rated at 1 litre per hour
  • Skims underneath conveyors
  • Skims across elongated surface areas
  • Industrial-grade oil pick up tubing
  • Ceramic scraper wipes tube clean


Part Number: ZZVA8-08AU Categories: ,


  • All Sidewinder units with the -08 suffix have an 200mm (8 inch) reach (discharge from mounting point to tube end). Longer reaches are also available up to 2,400mm (95 inches) in 75mm (3 inch) increments.Sidewinders requires access of 12mm (1/2 inch) by 75mm (3 inches) either horizontally or vertically. Maximum temperature for the tubing is ambient (no more than 30°C).
  • Available in 240VAC and 110VAC vesrions

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