CapJet Coolant Nozzle

Universal Cap-Type Coolant Nozzle. Fits NPT and BSPT Pipe Nipples. New metric tapped balls allow use with Extention Tubes and Spray Tips. To see the full range of CapJet Coolant Nozzles please click the PDF link.

Product Data

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Screws onto any NPT or BSPT pipe nipple just like a pipe cap. 

Rated to 10 Bar (150 PSI) maximum.  

Same great features as the TurretJet, except with female pipe thread. 

Ideal for high production, dedicated machine tools with rigid coolant piping. 

Choose orifice size and nozzle extention to suit your application. 

Choose short extentions for tight spaces and where stringy swarf is a problem. 

Long extentions make aiming a breeze and shoot farther. 

Choose larger orifices for maximum flow. 

Choose smaller orifices when using multiple nozzles. 

Choose tapped ball if you need to quickly plug the orifice (setscrew included) or to use with Extention Tubes or Spray Tips.

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