Bar Support Unit

Reduce bar wastage with a Hydrafeed (UK) Bar Support Unit, it can be fitted to any of the ‘short magazine’ Barfeeders, and is installed in front of the barfeeder, behind the lathe. It enables you to run bars that are longer than the lathe headstock, and will safely support the revolving bar outside the confines of the lathe headstock.

With this Bar Support Unit, you can cut standard 3 metre bar lengths in half – enabling your machine to work unmanned for a longer period of time and minimises wastage.

Different lengths of Bar Support Units can be used as stand alone pieces, where a barfeeder is not required.

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The Hyrdafeed bar Support Unit is a sturdy design with heavy duty bearing to safely support your workload. Its specifically manufactured to suit the profile of the Barfeeders, and its cover interlocks with the barfeeder for increased safety. The Bar Support Unit actually rotates with the bar, removing the possibility of any damage done to the materials.

Its also easily movable to provide clear access to your barfeeder or lathe when needed.

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