Selecting the Right Vise
You have probably made a considerable investment on your CNC Machining Centre so why jeopardise or reduce the return on this investment by using average or poor performing machine vises. We frequently find that poor surface finish from chatter, lack of squareness, part movement and various other milling issues can be traced to the workholding device. Often users are quick to defend the “cheaper vise” and blame the machine tool, tooling, coolant, speeds, feed-rate and so on…

A well constructed precision machine vise made from the appropriate materials to “upholdable” tolerances for a little more investment will yield years of high performance and a much better “return on investment” Ask you supplier if you buy one vise today and another of the same model one month later with the tolerances match or do you have to ask for a “matched vise”. This is usually a good indicator of the inherent quality. Choose from the menu on the right to reveal a wide range of world class quality precision machine vises.

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