Swift Klamp

Introducing ‘Swift Klamp’ – the latest addition to the Kitagawa Europe family. Using time-proven HSK tool interface technology, Swift Klamp provides a secure, low-interference, quick-change 5-axis workholding system.

The system consists of three parts – the clamping head, the work-holder and the work-piece.

The clamping head is supplied either as a manually or automatically actuated HSK clamp. The work-holder is made up of the HSK interface at the bottom and multiple work-piece interface options at the top, including flange clamps and side clamps. However, the most efficient clamping system is the dovetail interface due to its low clamping surface area. The final part is the work-piece, which in the case of the dovetail work-holder will require an initial dovetail slot to be machined into the raw billet to interface with the work-holder. However the Swift Klamp system can accommodate work pieces of up to 200mm square or diameter.

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