Vacuum Recycling

Freddy’s comprehensive range of coolant recycling machines cover all needs.

Coolant management is an important part of efficient CNC machine tool operation, and it is generally well known that degraded coolant can seriously impact cutting performance and contribute to health and safety issues.

Freddy’s are designed to vacuum out coolant from machine tool sumps, machine beds, drip trays, conveyors and even the shop floor with the dedicated floor tools and then recycle it for re-use. The coolant can then either be disposed of or re-used.

But a Freddy does so much more than just vacuuming out the coolant. The in-built filter removes fines, swarf, and any particulates larger than the filter rating of the filter bag ensuring a significant amount of microscopic particles are removed from the coolant thereby increasing the life of the coolant and the cutting performance of your tools.

Using a Freddy vacuum also reduces the need to come into contact with the coolant, thus removing the likelihood of a worker contracting a skin condition through prolonged contact or having an allergic reaction.

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Freddy Ecovac 240V-2kW

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Part Number: FR-EC-200-240V-2KW

Freddy Mark V 240V-3kW

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Part Number: FR-MKV-300-240V-3KW

Freddy Mark V Battery

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Part Number: Available On Request

Freddy Micro 240V-2kW

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Part Number: FR-MC-240V-2KW

Freddy Midi 240V-2kW

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Part Number: FR-MD-200-240V-2KW