Makro-Grip Technology revolutionises workholding

Any company that is involved with workpiece milling, now has access to Lang Technik’s Makro-Grip technology which provides a workholding solution to almost any clamping requirement from raw material to the finished workpiece. Dimac Tooling, Australia and New Zealand’s leading supplier of accessories and workholding solutions for CNC milling and CNC turning machine tools, is […]

New Freddy Micro Plus. Lighter, more mobile, more cost effective

The Freddy Micro Plus is the latest member of the Freddy Coolant Recycling Vacuum family. The new Micro Plus is lighter, more mobile, and more cost-effective offering greater versatility than any other system on the market. The Micro Plus continues on from the very successful Micro which was launched in early 2017. Designed and manufactured […]

WTO continues to lead the world in live tool innovation

At the recent EMO show in Hannover, WTO released its new range of smart driven toolholders to complement its existing range of static and driven toolholders. QuickFlex® smart is a new generation of smart driven toolholder featuring an integrated wireless electronic sensor/transmitter unit for monitoring speed, temperature, vibration and runtime. The data is sent securely […]

New Neidlein Face Drivers offer even more productivity gains

When turning shafts, the common way is to hold one end in a chuck and the other supported by a live centre. However, the issue with this procedure is that a part of the end of the bar remains un-machined. This means that the shaft needs to be removed and turned around to maintain concentricity […]

Case history clearly demonstrates benefits of WTO’s Driven Broaching Unit

As a recognised pioneer and leader in its industry, German manufacturer WTO has always set the benchmark in the design and manufacture of high precision toolholders for CNC Turning and multitasking centres. Their technologically superior products are known for achieving higher productivity and long tool life. One of these products is the state of the […]

Reven XSC 4.0 clears the air more effectively and reduces energy consumption.

Whilst oil mist separators do a great job of removing the coolant mist from the working area of CNC machine tools they often run at full capacity, regardless of the current requirements. This results in high consumption of both energy and coolants. Well known industrial air cleaning manufacturer Reven, now offers a solution to this […]

Freddy, so much more than just a coolant vacuum.

Coolant management is an important part of efficient CNC machine tool operation, and it is generally well known that degraded coolant can result in premature machine tool wear, causing decreased performance. Vacuuming coolant from a sump using a Freddy provides multiple benefits; not only is coolant vacuumed up quickly at an impressive rate of 230 […]

Freddy is Tramp Oils worst nightmare.

The Freddy Tramp Oil Separator has been designed to combat the problems associated with tramp oil contaminates in machine tool coolant systems. Tramp oil can cause a variety of problems including odour, smoke generation and unpleasant conditions for the operator, as well as affecting the finished product. It is also detrimental to coolant life and […]

Dimac’s Hydrafeed Barfeeder lifts productivity at Kennewell CNC Machining.

Kennewell CNC Machining, a contract machine shop in South Australia which specialises in small batches, manufactures everything from parts for agricultural machinery to high end motorsport and tattooing equipment. It is also heavily involved with the production of prototype parts to assist companies bring products to market. Established in 1995, the company has steadily grown […]